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Hanshi Morris Mack

Hanshi Morris Mack (1938-2017)

Hanshi Morris Mack has been teaching Shudokan Karate-do for over 60 years, in Yakima,WA. He opened Yakima School of Karate in 1961 teaching the aspects of "do" ... mind, body and spirit, teaching thousands of students over the years as well as promoting over a 1000 Black Belts, many of which have gone on to open their own dojos. Shudokan is one of the largest systems in the Pacific Northwest and is still taught in Japan today. Hanshi Mack has been under the instruction of Hanshi Todd for 45 years until Hanshi Todd's passing in 1999. Hanshi Mack was recently promoted to 10th Dan. Yakima School of Karate
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Receiving his Hanshi Certificate.
Receiving his 10th Dan Certificate.