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This includes kata and bunkai (fighting application) for each weapon. A Kobudo Black Belt can be earned in conjunction with a Karate Black Belt after the student has earned an Orange Belt (7th Kyu) level in karate. Okinawan Kobudo also known as (Ryukyu Kobujutsu, Koryu, or just as Kobudo) is a Japanese term that can be translated as "old martial way of Okinawa". It generally refers to the classical weapon traditions of Okinawan martial arts, most notably the rokushakubo (six foot staff, known as the "bo"), sai (short unsharpened dagger), tonfa (handled club), kama (sickle), and nunchaku (nunchucks). Less common Okinawan weapons include the Nunti (bo with a manji sai), tambo (short staff) and the eiku (boat oar of traditional Okinawan design).
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Zeb Mathis, 2017 AAU National Karate Champion, Gold Medalist Weapons Kata