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Kyoshi Steven Hewett

Sensei   has   been   training   in   Traditional   Karate-do   for   over   39   years,   with   35 of   those   years   teaching   karate   in   his   own   dojo   (karate   school).   He   first   began his   training   at   the   Honbu   Dojo   in Yakima,   Washington   under   the   guidance   of Hanshi    Morris    Mack    (9th    Degree).    Hanshi    Mack    has    an    extensive    back ground   in   and   is   one   of   the   leaders   of   Traditional   Martial   Arts   in   the   Pacific Northwest.   Many   of   Hanshi   Mack's   students   have   gone   on   to   open   schools throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as other areas of the United States. In   the   late   1980's   Sensei   had   the   honor   and   a   privilege   to   have   been   able   to study   under   one   of   most   accomplished   martial   artist   of   his   time,   Hanshi Walter   Todd. After   World   War   II   Hanshi   Todd   was   not   only   able   to   train   with but   received   black   belts   from   some   of   most   accomplished   masters   of   Judo, Aikido,   and   Karate   in   Tokyo,   Japan.   Hanshi   Todd   was   one   the   first   foreigner to   receive   a   1st   Dan   in   Shotokan   approved   by   Gichin   Funakoshi,   founder   of Shotokan.   Hanshi   Todd   was   appointed   as   Shibu-cho   (Branch   Director)   for Shudokan   in   the   United   States   by   Kanken   Toyama   (Founder   of   Shudokan Karate-do),   giving   him   complete   authority   to   rank   students   in   the   Toyama- ryu   style   of   karate   and   direct   the   development   of   Shudokan   Karate-do   in America.   After   Toyama   O'Sensei's   death,   his   son   approved   Todd   O'Sensei's rank of Eighth Dan. Through   Hanshi   Todd's   instruction   Sensei   was   able   to   continue   his   study   of Shudokan   as   well   as   receive   ranking   in   Judo   and   Aikido.   Hanshi   Todd   was instrumental   in   helping   to   develop   the   Japan   Shudokan   Budo-Kai   of   North Carolina.   Shortly   before   Hanshi   Todd's   passing   he   promoted   Sensei   to   6th Degree Black Belt and awarded him the title of Kyoshi (advanced teacher).
Japan Shudokan Budo-Kai
In   continuing   the   legacy   of   Shudokan   we   at   King   School   of   Karate   and Japan   Shudokan   Budo-Kai   carry   on   the   teachings   of   Toyama   O'Sensei   and Todd    O'Sensei.    It    is    our    endeavor    to    teach    those    who    wish    to    learn traditional forms of Japanese & Okinawan Karate-do and Kobudo. Other accomplishments: 6th Dan Shudokan Karate-do 1st Dan Doshinkan Karate-do 2nd Dan Okinawa Shotokan Karate-do 2nd Dan Okinawa-te Karate-Kobudo Nationally Ranked Karate Illustrated Magazine Region 1 Black Belt Weapons Kata 1985, Trainer of Six AAU National Champions & Jr. Olympians 2017 AAU National Karate Champion Silver Medal Kata & Kobudo, Bronze Medal Kumite, 2017 Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament Gold Medal Kata, Bronze Medal Kumite, 2017 AAU National Karate Judge, 2008 Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament Bronze Medal Kobudo, 1984, 85, 87 North Carolina AAU Karate Champion Gold Medalist Kata, Kobudo Kata and Kumite (sparring), 1970’s & 80’s Numerous Wins in State Tournaments, 1986-87 Chairman Karate Tar Heel State Games, Charlotte, N.C. 1984-87 North Carolina AAU Karate Team Coach, 1984-87 Chairman AAU Karate for the State of N.C.
Life Member USA National Karate-Do Federation Club Member - USA National Karate-Do Federation Member of the AAU-USA Karate-Do Club Member - AAU-USA Karate-Do Retired from the Department of Defense Afghanistan Combat Veteran, Recipient of the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge Life Member Disabled American Veterans Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars Member of Local American Legion Post 290
Red Cross: CPR & First Aid Certified Other Interests include: Japanese Language, Religion, & Culture Scuba Diving - Certified Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver. Traveling the world and experiencing other cultures and lands. Due   to   back   injuries   sustained   while   in   the   military   I   have   retired from formal competition.   Sensei   is   furthering   his   education   by   pursuing   a   Bachelors   Degree   in Sociology and Psychology.