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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a McDojo or Belt Factory?


a)   Usually   schools   whose   sole   goal   is   to   part   you   from   your   money   without   ever   imparting   any   real   Marital   Arts knowledge. b) Having a sign up fee ranging anywhere from $25-$100 for just filling out some paper work. c) Lengthy contracts that lock you into paying for lessons for 6-12 months at a time. (non-refundable) d) Rank or belt tests every month or two with fees ranging from $30-$50 a test. e) Rank certificates are already made out before you even test passing you, then why even take a test? f) Will promise you a Black Belt in less than 3 years. g) Doesn't want you to look into the instructor’s background or speak with their former instructors. This   is   very   important   that   you   look   into   the   instructors   back   ground.   For   example,   a   local   instructor   has   recently stated   in   the   newspaper   that   he   has   over   35   years   of   martial   arts   experience,   yet   his   training   can   be   only   traced back   to   13-15   years   at   the   most.      Has   changed   the   type   of   karate   he   teaches   to   Shito   Ryu,   wonder   which   internet factory   he   got   that   from?   We   know   all   about   his   instructors   background   so   this   is   a   lie.     You   should   always   check out   someone's   back   ground   WITH   their   previous   instructors   and   if   they   are   evasive   concerning   who   and   what certificates they have:   (Run, may have something to hide.) h) Promotes themselves or has their own students promote them. For   example:   a   martial   art   school   in   the   local   area   had   his   students   vote   to   make   him   a   4th   Degree   Black   Belt   in 2004   and   now   has   promoted   himself   to   6th   Degree.   Unheard   of   in   any   LEGITIMATE   martial   arts   school.   Students DO   NOT   promote   their   instructors,   nor   do   instructors   promote   themselves!      Has   recently   advertised   having   30+ years   of   karate   but,   we   know   he   started   his   karate   around   15   years   ago,   got   his   1st   &   2nd   degree   here   from   Tony Finn    and    third    degree    from    Sensei    Sink    and    personally    stated    his    students    promoted    him    to    4th.   All    well documented as far as dates and time.  Don't just take someone at their word, call their previous instructors!!!!! i) Makes up their name and lineage or changes it to have the appearance and sound of a traditional martial art.   For   example:   Kami-Bushi-Do   is   not   a   traditional   martial   art   merely   Japanese   words   just   put   together   to   make   it sound   like   it's   Japanese.   Kami   is   associated   with   the   Shinto   religion   and   is   a   form   of   ancestor   worship   and   is never associated with martial arts. j)   You end up exercising for most of the class instead of being taught what you paid for. k)  The instructor never performs in front of the class and has lower ranking students teach. l)   Lower ranking (white - green belt) students are teaching others during the class, children are teaching adults. m) Has 7 year old brown or black belts. n)   Claims   to   have   trained   students   or   has   "state,   national   or   international   titles"   from   martial   art   competitions   with   no documentation. p)  The Instructor/Owner will not discuss class fees/rates, class length, or type of art being taught over the phone. o)      Is   very   evasive   when   discussing   their   school   and   background,   because   now   days   you   can   actually   look   them   up   on the internet. q)      Has   Certificates   or   Certifications   from   organizations   you   can   find   on   the   internet   by   sending   in   a   fee,   anyone   can receive any ranking they wish or states to have training in some type of martial arts but learned it from a video course.   For   example:   one   of   our   local   martial   arts   school   claims   they   teach   "American   Tiger   Jujitsu"   but   this   system   can only   be   found   through   a   "correspondence"   course,   with   certification   based   upon   your   honor   or   video   review   of skills   learned   off   a   CD.            Just   type   in   a   Google   search   for   this   system   they   claim   to   teach   and   you'll   be   able   to locate the online courses. ( http://www.skkaacademy.com/courses-for-sale.html ) I   personally   visited   this   school   several   years   ago   and   noticed   several   certificates   on   the   wall,   one   from   the American   Federation   of   Jujitsu   ( http://www.amfedjujitsu.com/ )   stating   this   instructor   had   a   Shodan   in   jujitsu. Looking   up   this   association   I   found   that   it   was   simply   a   website   that   you   sent   your   $40   in   and   they   awarded   you   a certificate stating whatever black belt degree you cited. So no real training at all! In   2013   he   bought   his   newest   title   into   a   “Hall   of   Fame”   and   for   $184   you   can   also.   What   many   people   don't understand   is   that   you   can   buy   your   awards   from   organizations   and   they'll   award   you   anything   you   want   to   be,   as he   did   in   2013.      ( http://www.usamartialartshalloffame.com/nomination-form )      We   contacted   the   organization   and purchased   the   exact   same   award   for   2013   to   show   others   that   his   claim   of   being   voted   in   by   a   board   was   nothing more   than   joke.      Yet   he   proudly   wears   it   on   his   gi!      This   organization   has   263   categories   you   can   pick   your award(s)   from,   pay   your   fee   and   they   award   it   to   you   as   well   as   any   ranking   you   want.      It’s   a   money   maker   for   the owner,   internet   award/certificate   factory   as   long   as   you   pay   your   fee   and   send   in   the   info   needed   they   will   award you   any   category   or   rank   you   designate!   In   fact,   if   you   look   at   what   he   stated   in   the   newpaper   article   he   mirrors the   same   amount   of   time,   training   and   multiple   disciplines   that   I   do,   yet   can’t   produce   a   single   amount   of evidence,   i.e.   insturctors,   certificates,   locations,   tournaments   as   I   can. You   wonder   why   he   doesn’t   promote   these awards   and   certificates   on   his   Facebook   page   or   his   website.      The   reason   is   you   can   also   look   it   up   just   as   I   did and find out that he’s buying his awards and possible ranking. Buyer beware, you get what you pay for! Why    doesn’t    he    post    on    his    Facebook    page    or    their    website    photos    of    his    past    experience,    tournaments,      instructors,   certificates,   etc…certainly   if   you   have   30+   years   you   have   certificates   and      pictures   of   yourself   from those periods of time when you were younger? Just   this   year   2017   he   now   purchased   a   “Lifetime   Achievement   Award”.      We   were   contacted   by   the   same organization   advising   us   we   were   nominated   for   “Lifetime   Achievement   Award”   as   well.      Unlike   this   school   we sent   in   our   resume   of   lifetime   achievements   first   and   asked   them   to   review   it   and   if   they   felt   we   deserved   the award   then   we   would   accept   it.      They   at   first   wanted   us   to   pay   or   it,   we   refused   and   told   them   we   don’t   pay   for awards   to   be   given   to   us.   After   refusing   to   pay   about   a   month   later   they   sent   us   the   “Lifetime   Achievement Award”   for   our   over   40   years   karate   training   and   multiple   achievements   in   tournaments,   teaching   and   other honors that we can prove we received, unlike the other school.   Do   you   really   want   to   take   training   from   someone   that   has   their   certification   or   training   based   upon   an   "honor   system   or video   review"   learned   off   a   "video   correspondence   course"?      Do You?      They   also   change   their   name   and   style   of   martial arts they teach, several times to sound like a Japanese system when they are really an Americanized made up system. They buy awards to be given to them to make it appear they were chosen for the honor, yet never earned them.   r)   Will   not   give   out   any   information   about   fees,   contracts,   instructor   background   or   certifications.      Why,   the   reason   is   in this   day   and   age   of   the   internet   you   can   check   out   someone’s   certifications.      In   fact,   this   individual   claims   to   have national   and   international   titles,   yet   we   are   unable   to   find   a   single   instance   of   him   even   competing   at   any   tournament   let alone winning anything!
Q.  Why do some schools say they teach MMA? A.  Mixed Martial Arts has been the new craze for the last several years. With UFC and Cage Fighting being shown on cable TV people are more aware of the different martial arts available, as well as those combined to make what is called MMA. We do not advertise MMA. We do have black belts in different systems of Martial Arts; Judo, Aikido, Kobudo and Karate. Very few people can truly advertise having an official MMA school. The majority of these schools do not have any background in MMA such as a local school in the area yet advertises it, but state so in their advertising to draw people into their school. We caution you too thoroughly look into instructor's who state such training. An instructor that has never "been" taught, fought or practiced professional MMA from a competent MMA school is not one you would really want to receive training from, is it?  In fact you could be seriously injured due to their lack of proper training and understanding of the art. A.  Competition is not a requirement of the Dojo. However, those who wish to compete require special training to be successful at a national or international level of competition. We excel above other schools when it comes to our competition team. Our foundation is in Traditional Japanese and Okinawan Karate, Kumite and Kobudo which gives us an edge at local, state, national and international tournaments.  This is evident by the tournaments we have placed in, in the last several years.  We can boast that we have “won” AAU State, Regional, National and Jr. Olympic titles as well as International titles at the Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament.  Not all marital art schools compete for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it is due to the instructors inability to teach or a lack of confidence in their teaching ability and that of the skills of his or her students. Competition gives students the opportunity to measure themselves against other styles and systems of martial arts. The student then can measure whether their instructor is really teaching them a true martial art.  Some say the judging is unfair. In most cases judging is extremely fair, high and low scores are thrown out to remove any bias that may occur when an instructor is judging their student against others. This reason is used more as an excuse, again to an instructor's lack of ability to teach. Q.  Is competition a requirement and why don't all martial art schools compete? 1) We don't self-promote ourselves. Our rankings have been are earned and can be verified.  2) We are not a made up system. We have a linage that can be traced back to the beginning of known karate.  3) We don't give our system Japanese sounding names as some other martial art schools in the area have done.  4) Our awards and competitions can be verified.  5) Under Belt Tests are given every 4 months and only cost $20.00. If you pass - you pass, if you fail - you fail! But a true karate-ka will keep trying to succeed. A Black Belt is a white belt that never gave up!  6) No sign up fees, no contracts, you simple pay month to month. A free uniform with your first three paid months of training, equipment can be purchased through the Dojo.  If you truly wish to learn the art of Traditional Karate-do then we welcome you to train with us.   Student ranking from other schools will be considered. What we are about! A.  Proficiency depends on the amount of time a student trains and varies from person to person. Many students tell us they feel more confident after just six-eight months. Adult students take approximately four years to reach black belt and children about six years. Q.  How long will it take me to become reasonably proficient and attain black belt level? How many classes per week should I attend? Q.  We recommend at least two classes per week from white belt to brown belt. Some practice at home will help too but is not necessary. At the advanced ranks of Brown Belt and Black Belt most train three to four times per week to keep their skills honed. A.  Will karate make my child more aggressive? Q.  Contrary to popular belief, karate students are actually more controlled because of their training. At King School of Karate, we emphasize how to resolve conflict and demonstrate self-control under pressure. Aggression is channeled into assertiveness, but never violence. A.  Is sparring necessary to learn martial arts? Q.  Yes and no. The principles of distancing, timing, speed and strategy are developed through sparring. These are an integral part of a student's karate development and the reason why we include sparring drills in classes. A.  What are the chances of getting injured? Q.  Injuries are very uncommon. A qualified Black Belt Instructor supervises each class. Protective gear is used in sparring to reduce the chance of injury even more. That being said, karate is a contact sport. Students must fully understand that participation in karate could result in injuries. Students choosing to train must accept all elements of risk involved. A.  How many belt colors are there and how do I earn these? Q.  Colored belts denote skill level. In order they are: White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown and Black. Children under 13 utilize stripes in between belt colors. Promotional exams are held every four months. Kyu or Rank Tests consist of Kata's (pattern of blocks, kicks, punches and strikes), Kihons (basics), self defense techniques, and Japanese Language. A.  Are there any age limits? Q.  Our youngest students start at age four and train as long as you want. Older people find that karate benefits them with improved motor skills and flexibility. A.  Why do you bow when entering, leaving, and at the beginning of class? Q.  Bowing is a symbol of respect in Eastern cultures much like shaking hands here in the west. A proper bow shows a sign of respect to the instructor, other students and elders. A.  Do you teach or emphasize religion in your class? Q.  Unlike other martial arts schools in the area religion is not taught our classes. We believe that an individual has a right to their own religious beliefs. Respecting others differences and opinions are a key element to our philosophy and karate. We “Do Not” discriminate against anyone based on their religious or political affiliations, beliefs, sexual orientation, race, color, marital status or sex. A.